Qtwebengine based browser

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Qtwebengine based browser

Links : forums. Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. Quick Search :. View unanswered posts View posts from last 24 hours. View previous topic :: View next topic. One of the few "bad" experiences I have with Gentoo is with compiling webengines. They are all monstruous beasts that take over my laptop for a few hours. I am forced to compile webkit-gtk because of gnucash and qtwebengine because of GoldenCheetah. My webbrowser of choice has been Firefox which uses yet another webengine.

I've tried for a while to replace Firefox with another web-browser because of this.

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A webkit-gtk-browser is a no-go cause this will require webkit2 which is different than the engine I am forced to have because of gnucash. Now that I have qtwebengine in my system, I might as well use it to power my browser.

I have found qupzilla, is there any other browser out there based on qtwebengine? Back to top. Yesterday I came across qutebrowser which is in portage. If you are in the unstable tree you can try Otter, aka otter-browser.

But did you tried Qupzilla, because you ask for another one and I am currious why that is. Since I am also looking for a qtwebengine based browser and Qupzilla lookes okay to me at first glance and it is in the stable tree.

It seems otter has a backend ready, it's not clear to me how experimental is qutebrowser, I'll try them, thanks for the feedback. It seems to me that qupzilla is the most straightforward qtwebengine browser at this point. All times are GMT.Official forum at The DnD Sanctuary.

qtwebengine based browser

Not all planned features were finished in time, but hopefully at least some of them will make it into 1. As usually I would like to thank all contributors especially szykbug reporters, translators and all users. Also I would like to thank annulen for his continuing work on reviving QtWebKit. Theme for this week: Fix it! Fix it! Please note that we are now slowly entering feature freeze, some really important stuff will still go in but we are going to focus on improving stability and fixing issues from now on.

5 best Qt web browser, QtWebEngine and WebKit based

As usually I would like to thank all contributors as usually especially bajasoftbug reporters, translators and all users. Beta and RC series all 0. Please note that we have not entered feature freeze yet, some stuff will still go in but we are going to focus on improving stability and fixing issues from now on.

You should be watching new season of BoJack Horseman :. One of Projects of the Week on SourceForge :. Binary packages will be published once Qt 5. As usually I would like to thank all contributors as usually especially bajasoft and Chocimierbug reporters, translators and all users.

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Also I would like to thank annulen and vitallium for their continuing work on reviving QtWebKit. Beta series all 0. Also I would like to thank annulen and vitallium for their work on reviving QtWebKit.

Starting with this release default packages are built on top of QtWebKit TP3while it provides way better support for web standards and improves security and stability it still has some regressions when comparing to legacy version. Packages will be available tomorrow update : packages are now available at sf. Packages will be available tomorrow update : sorry folks, there will be no packages this time.

Packages are available at sf. Source and binary packages are available at sf. Packages will be available tomorrow update : skipped due to broken virtual machine. Packages are now available at sf.

Packages should be available tomorrow update : packages are now available at sf. Mouse gesture definitions needs to be updated to new version, editor should be available with next weekly.

Since several important features got delayed but are almost ready you can expect next beta sooner than usual. Source packages binaries will be ready tomorrow are available at sf. Due to recent changes existing sessions might end up with non maximized windows, you can fix that using Maximize All action available in context menu of workspace and several other places.Updated - September 14, by Arnab Satapathi. So what's special here? Why webkit?

It's the most widely used, most widely deployed and easy to integrate web content rendering engine.

Even the chrome's blink rendering engine is webkit based. It's open source too! Why Qt? The Qt toolkit is open source, versatile and easy to integrate in almost any GUI application. Qt widget style is highly configurable and pleasant looking too. Let's start, the main focus is being lightweight, but it should provide the basic features of a web browser.

Qupzilla started just as a research project, initially coded in Python PyQt now available in both Qt 4 and Qt 5. It's a fully featured browser with fast browsing and lots of settings to play around.

Introducing Qt Quick Controls in Qt 5.1

Qupzilla is lightweight, but the web browsing speed is not that great, and forget about playing YouTube. On the other hand, Falkon is a little heavy, but performance is very close to Firefox or Google Chrome. Both of them are capable of loading some extensions too. Otter browser is the complete Qt 5 rewrite of classic opera browser.

Otter browser aims to be user friendly and respects user privacy. The latest version could be built using QtWebEngine as rendering engine backend.

And I've to say, it's currently beating Falkon in terms of features. It can import opera session, opera bookmarks and opera notes. It offers fast browsing experience and starts amazingly fast. Official website otter-browser.

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You can also change otter browser's appearance with Qt5ct. Official website github. Slimboat is a cross platform freeware web browser, not an open source software, available as precompiled binaries. It's based on Qt 4 and Webkit with small memory usage. Now It's outdated, the project updated to slimjet, which is based on blink rendering engine.

It is highly configurable and very lightweight on system resources. It's simply amazing, download it and find more about it here. You could use those lightweight webkit based browsers as simple HTML viewer, all of them also supports mhtml web archive. Another distinct advantage is they starts very fast compared to other browsers like Chromium or Firefox.When it comes to choosing the right tool for a specific job, there are usually several choices we can make and insofar as web browsers are concerned this is no different.

If you have tried most or all of the top browsers in existence, maybe you would like to try a different feel, one that combines your previous experiences. Previously known as Portable QupZilla and now rebranded as Portable Falkonthis browser is designed to bring together some of the most useful features of the big names in the business. The great thing about this particular edition is that you will be able to carry it with you on a portable device and run it from there, without having to install it on every PC you work on.

The clean and friendly interface hosts a wide array of functions that have to be discovered by checking out each menu of the application. The support for multiple tabs is built-in, as is the Speed Dial you might have seen if you used the Opera browser. It boasts a Download Manager, a RSS Reader and a Web Inspector tool for viewing and managing webpage source code, resources and other development related tasks. The AdBlock feature of Portable Falkon comes in very handy as it is active by default and you can configure it in great detail to get rid of annoying advertisements while browsing the web.

Handling the cookies that are kept by this application is a simple job thanks to the Cookies Manager. It supports whitelist and blacklist filtering while offering you the possibility to view in an organized fashion all the details concerning the stored cookies.

Adjusting the running options of Portable Falkon will enable you to discover the support for application extensions, which turn this browser into an extensible utility. Well equipped, easy to use and with decent speed in loading webpages, this program takes full advantage of QtWebEngine's capabilities and can be a really good addition to the software toolbox of any user.

Portable Falkon formerly QupZilla. A cross-platform Internet navigator that was especially designed to provide you with a means of visiting just about any webpage you want. New in Portable Falkon formerly QupZilla 2. Portable Falkon formerly QupZilla 3. Load comments. All rights reserved.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Python Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

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Latest commit. Latest commit ee60b5a Jan 17, With the Whiteliste Option no one will be able to leave this site python3 pykib. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Repair admin key function. Jan 14, Update myQWebEnginePage. Jan 17, Added own upload dialog for file uploads. Jan 10, Initial commit. Oct 23, Oct 27, QtWebEngine will be packaged for Fedora, initially at version 5.

QtWebEngine is the new web engine by the Qt project based on Chromium, effectively replacing QtWebKit, though it is not a drop-in replacement. QtWebEngine will be available in Fedora as an additional option.

QtWebKit will remain available for the foreseeable future, and thus applications currently using QtWebKit are not impacted by this change, unless and until upstream ports them to QtWebEngine. The version initially packaged for Fedora 24 will be QtWebEngine 5.

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QupZilla is a modern, lightweight and fast browser written in Qt. QupZilla 1 was based on QtWebKit. QtWebKit is based on an old WebKit branch that was discontinued by upstream WebKit long ago, meaning it lags behind current web standards and even security fixes.

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With QupZilla 2, a web browser supporting the latest web standards will be available to our users and to spin maintainersas an alternative to Firefox. Compared to QupZilla 1 and other QtWebKit-based browsers, both compatibility with websites and security will be significantly higher. There will be no impact on other packages from this change, which is why I consider it self-contained.

Just install the qupzilla package, version 2. On Fedora 24 and Rawhide, you should be getting the new version out of the box.

If you wish to try it out on Fedora 22 or 23, you can get it from the Copr repository at [6]. The qt5-qtwebengine package should be installed as a dependency; if not, you did something wrong you are probably installing the old QupZilla 1. Then surf the web with QupZilla as you would with any other browser.

QupZilla, a modern, lightweight and fast browser written in Qt, is now based on QtWebEngine instead of QtWebKit, bringing it up to date with modern web and security standards.

All Rights Reserved. For comments or queries, please contact us. The Fedora Project is maintained and driven by the community and sponsored by Red Hat. This is a community maintained site. Red Hat is not responsible for content.The behavior can be provoked by multiple clicks on drop-down select menus, doesn't matter if really fast or "slow". The rendered artifacts will not disappear immediately and only disappear after a click on the touchscreen or not.

qtwebengine based browser

Also tried on Chromium 77 Qt 5. This flag does not seems to help there anymore. Try to verify the issue with Wayland weston, libdrm, mesa Log In. Type: Bug. Status: Reported. Priority: P2: Important. Resolution: Unresolved.

qtwebengine based browser

Labels: None. Environment: i. MX6 Mainline Kernel. Qt Webengine based Browser shows screen tearing effects: random small white triangles custom pieces of the visible webpage on an different position grey big circles flickering drop down menus false positioned drop down menus The behavior can be provoked by multiple clicks on drop-down select menus, doesn't matter if really fast or "slow".

Used components for the system: i. No reviews matched the request. Check your Options in the drop-down menu of this sections header. Created: 10 Dec '19 Updated: 19 Dec '19 Gerrit Reviews. There are no open Gerrit changes. Show There is 1 closed Gerrit change.


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